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Impact Reports

Impact Reports

Quest for Performance in Kenya’s Water Services Sector

Impact is Wasreb’s main tool for public reporting. It documents the performance of Kenya’s water services sector over a given period. The report is meant to spur comparative competition in the sector, thus creating impetus for institutions to improve their performance.  It is therefore an accountability tool to the public, shareholders and Directors of the Water Services Boards and Water Service Providers, as well as other decision makers in the sector.

Reviewing sector performance is important to facilitate learning from best practice, while taking cognisance of weaknesses identified and summoning efforts to overcome them.

The report assesses the performance of the sector through monitoring nine key indicators:

  • Water Coverage
  • Sanitation Coverage
  • Unaccounted for Water
  • Water Quality
  • Hours of Supply
  • Metering
  • Revenue collection efficiency
  • O&M Cost Coverage
  • Staff Productivity.

The indicators form part of the binding Minimum Service Levels (MSLs).  In committing themselves to progressively improve on service delivery, WSPs agree to meet the MSLs and other sector benchmarks over the Service Provision Agreement (SPA) validity period.

An improvement in these indicators should represent a positive step towards realising water access to all Kenyans.

Download the lmpact 9 Report