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Service Charter

The Service Charter is a statement of Wasreb’s commitment to our customers. It is developed in the belief that customers are at the centre of everything we say and do.  This is in line with global trends where customers are continuously acquiring prominence, forcing entities to put them at the beginning of the business chain.

The Charter defines the manner in which we intend to relate with our customers – the services they should expect from us, the manner in which these services will be delivered, and the recourse in the event of inadequacy.

Over time, the Regulatory Board has developed a number of tools which are meant to ensure that water services to consumers are provided in an efficient manner.  They include licences, tariff guidelines, corporate governance guidelines, and Impact Report, among others. These tools are meant to regulate the operations of Water Service Boards and Water Service Providers, who are our key customers.

Customer Service Delivery Charter
Mkataba wa Utoaji Huduma Kwa Wateja
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