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Regulated Entities

The Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) stands as a pivotal institution in the governance and management of water resources in the Republic of Kenya. Founded on principles of transparency, inclusivity, and sustainability, WASREB converges the interests and expertise of diverse water stakeholders, ranging from major water service providers to grassroots small-scale service operations.

Key Features:

Integrated Governance: WASREB unites water service providers, water works development agencies, and small-scale service providers under one regulatory umbrella, ensuring cohesive policy-making and implementation across the sector.

Sustainable Management: Embracing Kenya’s rich water resources, WASREB deploys best practices to foster sustainable usage, conservation, and replenishment of these vital assets.

Consumer Focus: Beyond its role as a regulator, WASREB acts as an advocate for consumers, ensuring the delivery of safe, affordable, and reliable water services to all Kenyans.

Capacity Building: Recognizing the diverse capacities of its members, the board runs regular training and skills enhancement programs to uplift small scale service providers and harmonize service standards.

Research and Development: WASREB champions research initiatives to inform water policies, tap into innovative technologies, and address emergent challenges in the water sector.

Public Engagement: In the spirit of inclusivity, the board actively engages with the public, seeking their inputs on policy matters, and keeping them informed on key developments in the water sector.

Standardization: WASREB works diligently to set and monitor standards, ensuring that all member entities, regardless of their scale, adhere to national and international best practices.

Collaboration: Through WASREB, members enjoy a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and collective problem solving, thereby strengthening the sector’s resilience and efficiency.

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