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Accessing Commercial Financing


The Kenya Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) sector has been on a long path of facilitating commercial lending to Water Service Providers (WSPs).  A key component of this effort is the evolution of rating the credit risk of WSPs for local lenders. 

All the toolkits provide a standardized procedure for loan application and appraisal for investments in water and sanitation projects. The toolkits are specifically designed for the Kenya market.

Creditworthiness Index

The Creditworthiness Index provides a proxy rating in lieu of performing full shadow credit rating analysis. It will provide lenders with an initial overview credit screening of WSPs.  It will also provide the WSPs with a benchmark to measure their overall creditworthiness as well as their individual financial performance against their peers.  The examination of the financial and operational indicators, in comparison to the market, will assist WSPs to gauge performance and institute measures to improve business efficiency and creditworthiness.

Download Creditworthiness Index

Water Service Providers Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to give Water Service Providers (WSPs) useful insights into how the commercial lending sector in Kenya operates and help facilitate commercial borrowing by the sector.

Download WSP Toolkit

County Government Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to give the County Governments useful insights into how WSPs can utilize commercial financing to fund their infrastructure projects.

Download County Government Toolkit

Lenders Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to give lenders useful insights into how the water sector in Kenya operates to help facilitate commercial lending into the sector. The toolkit is a resource for bank officers, bank credit committee members, water project investors and guarantors.

Download Lenders Toolkit

Financing Model for WSPs

(Kindly enable your excel sheet macros for the sheet to work properly)

Download Financing Model for WSPs

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