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Non Revenue Water

WASREB: Ensuring Water for Every Mwananchi

Water is essential for every mwananchi. But did you know that non-revenue water (NRW), which includes leaks, theft, and poor infrastructure, threatens our supply? At WASREB, we are committed to safeguarding our water resources and ensuring that every mwananchi has access to clean and reliable water. Your involvement is crucial in tackling the causes of NRW and making efficient water use a reality.

Why Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Matters:

Non-revenue water means lost water and higher costs for everyone. Non-revenue water causes water shortages, water contamination, and higher monthly water bills. Addressing the issues of non-revenue water is crucial in order to protect our water, save money, and secure our future.

Why Wananchi should Get Involved:

  • Protecting Water Resources – Water is a limited resource essential for life. By reducing non-revenue water, we can conserve water and ensure its availability for future generations.
  • Reducing Costs – non-revenue water increases water bills for everyone. By addressing it, we can lower our own expenses and reduce financial pressure on our families.
  • Ensuring Fair Access to Water – Water losses often disproportionately affect different water consumers in both domestic and commercial settings. Reducing NRW helps ensure fair and equitable access to water for all citizens.
  • Improving Water Quality – Water leaks and illegal connections can lead to water contamination. Reducing non-revenue water helps maintain water quality and protect public health.

How You, as a Mwananchi, Can Help Combat Non-Revenue Water:

  • Report Leaks and Suspicious Activities – Promptly report any leaks, unauthorized connections, or suspicious activities around water supply infrastructure to your water service provider. Your vigilance helps identify and resolve issues quickly, preventing water loss.
  • Practice Water Conservation – Use water wisely in your daily activities. Fix leaks, use water-efficient appliances, and avoid wastage. Simple actions like turning off taps while brushing your teeth or using a bucket instead of a hose can make a big difference.
  • Participate in Community Meetings and Workshops – Engage in local meetings and workshops on water conservation and infrastructure improvements such as at Chief’s Barazas and during public consultation meetings by your water service providers. These platforms provide valuable information and allow you to contribute to community-wide efforts to reduce NRW.
  • Promote Water-Saving Practices  Encourage friends, family members, and neighbors to adopt water-saving habits. Share tips on conservation and the importance of reducing non-revenue water in your community.
  • Support Infrastructure Improvements – Advocate for and support investments in modern infrastructure and efficient water management systems. Improved infrastructure reduces water losses and ensures a reliable water supply for all of us.

But what is our role as WASREB in Reducing Non-Revenue Water:

At WASREB, we play a pivotal role in the fight against non-revenue water. Our key responsibilities include the following:

  • Regulation and Oversight – We set standards and enforce regulations to ensure that water service providers maintain efficient and reliable systems.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation – We conduct regular audits and spot inspections to identify areas of inefficiency and work with water providers to address these issues.
  • Capacity Building – We provide training and support to water service providers to improve their technical and operational capabilities in managing non-revenue water.
  • Public Consultation Meetings – We engage with the wananchi through educational campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of reducing non-revenue water and conserving water.
  • Policy Advocacy – We advocate for policies and investments that promote sustainable water management and infrastructure improvements.

Our Call to Action is that we may all ‘Join the Fight Against non-revenue water’ and Together, we can protect our precious water resources and ensure equitable access for all. Your involvement is crucial in making a difference.

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