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Notice of Service Interruptions - Consumer Rights

The Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) is a regulatory state corporation established under the Water Act of 2016, beginning operations in April 2017. WASREB’s primary goal, as stated in Section 70 (1) of the Water Act 2016, is to protect consumers’ rights to access water services while safeguarding the interests of other stakeholders.

To achieve this, WASREB establishes standards and regulations that all national water service providers must adhere to, ensuring consumer protection and promoting access to efficient, affordable, and sustainable water services. WASREB’s Notice of Service Interruptions guidelines ensure that consumers are informed and their rights protected during any disruptions in water supply. Our commitment is to guarantee transparency, timely communication, and minimal inconvenience to all water users.

At WASREB, we are dedicated to ensuring that every mwananchi is aware of their rights and has access to accurate information about service interruptions. Your understanding and cooperation are essential in maintaining the quality and reliability of our water services.

The Importance of Notice of Service Interruptions

Why Notification is Critical

Notification of service interruptions ensures:
-Transparency and trust between water service providers and water consumers
-Adequate preparation time for affected consumers
-Mitigation of inconvenience and disruption

The Importance of Notice of Service Interruptions

Timely Communication

We ensure that all consumers are promptly informed about planned and unplanned service interruptions. Our communication efforts focus on:
-Advance notice for planned maintenance
-Immediate updates for unplanned disruptions
-Clear and accessible information channels

Multiple Communication Channels

We recommend to all WSPs to use variety of platforms to ensure that all consumers receive important notices. Some of the recommended communication channels include:
-SMS and email alerts
-Public announcements on radio and television
-Updates on social media and official websites

Consumer Support

We task the WSPs to provide comprehensive support to help consumers manage during service interruptions. The support services include:
-24/7 customer service hotlines
-Guidance on alternative water sources
-Assistance for vulnerable populations
-Joint planning for maintenance activities
-Rapid response teams for emergency repairs
-Regular updates and progress reports

Consumer Rights During Service Interruptions

Your Rights as a Consumer

-Right to Advance Notice: You are entitled to advance notice of any planned service interruptions.
-Right to Accurate Information: You have the right to accurate and timely information regarding the nature and duration of service interruptions.
-Right to Support: You are entitled to support and assistance during service interruptions, especially if you belong to a vulnerable population.
-Right to Accountability: You have the right to hold your water service provider accountable for any service interruptions and to receive explanations and remedies for prolonged disruptions.

How You Can Support WASREB’s Efforts

-Stay Informed: Subscribe to SMS and email alerts, and follow your WSPs on social media to receive timely updates on service interruptions.
-Report Issues: Notify your water service provider immediately if you experience any unreported disruptions or issues.
-Engage with Your Community: Participate in community meetings and forums to stay informed about local water service issues and improvements.
-Practice Water Conservation: Adopt water-saving habits to ensure that water resources are used efficiently, especially during service interruptions.

Our Call to Action is that as a water consumer, you will join us in our mission to ensure transparent communication and protect consumer rights during service interruptions.

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