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WASREB: Water Safety Planning

The Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) is a regulatory state corporation established under the Water Act of 2016, beginning operations in April 2017. WASREB’s primary goal, as stated in Section 70 (1) of the Water Act 2016, is to protect consumers’ rights to access water services while safeguarding the interests of other stakeholders.

To achieve this, WASREB establishes standards and regulations that all national water service providers must adhere to, ensuring consumer protection and promoting access to efficient, affordable, and sustainable water services. The Water Safety Planning Guideline developed by WASREB is a comprehensive approach aimed at ensuring the safety and sustainability of water supplies through proactive risk management and strategic planning. These guidelines are designed to help water service providers identify, assess, and mitigate risks from catchment to consumer.

At WASREB, we are dedicated to ensuring that every mwananchi has access to clean and reliable water. Our water safety planning strategy is designed to safeguard our water resources by ensuring that water service providers adhere to the highest standards. Your participation is essential in this effort to protect our water and secure our future.

The Importance of Water Safety Planning

Why Water Safety Planning is Critical

Water Safety Planning ensures:
-Clean and safe water for consumers
-Reliable water supply
-Protection of public health
-Equitable access to water for all citizens

WASREB’s Water Safety Planning Strategy

i. Risk Assessment

We help identify and evaluate potential hazards to water safety at every stage of the supply chain. Our risk assessment initiatives focuses on:
-Comprehensive hazard identification
-Risk evaluation and prioritization
-Development of mitigation strategies

ii. Continuous Monitoring

Implementing robust monitoring systems ensures ongoing water safety. Our monitoring efforts include:
-Regular water quality testing
-Real-time data collection and analysis
-Immediate response to detected issues

iii. Community Engagement

We engage with the community to enhance awareness and support for water safety measures. Our community engagement efforts include:
-Public awareness campaigns
-Community meetings and workshops
-Educational resources and materials

iv. Capacity Building

We provide training and support to community-based organizations and local water providers to enhance their ability to serve underserved populations. Our capacity-building initiatives focus on:
-Advanced water management techniques
-Risk management and mitigation
-Customer service improvements

v. Policy Advocacy

We advocate for policies that support sustainable water management and infrastructure improvements. Our policy efforts aim to:
-Secure funding for water projects
-Promote regulatory reforms
-Enhance coordination among stakeholders

How You Can Support WASREB’s Efforts

-Report Issues – Help us maintain our water supply by reporting any leaks, unauthorized connections, or suspicious activities to your water service provider.

-Practice Water Conservation – Adopt water-saving habits in your daily life. Simple actions like fixing leaks, using water-efficient appliances, and avoiding wastage can make a significant impact.
-Engage in Community Efforts – Participate in local meetings and workshops on water conservation and infrastructure improvements. Your involvement is vital in our collective effort to reduce NRW.
-Advocate for Better Infrastructure – Support and advocate for investments in modern infrastructure and efficient water management systems. Improved infrastructure reduces water losses and ensures a reliable water supply for everyone.

Our Call to Action is that as a water consumer, you will join us in our mission to promote and
implement effective water safety planning practices.

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